Jun 8, 2023

“The famous showman Potap (Oleksii Potapenko) has become the Ambassador of the Community Foundation of Kherson “Zakhyst” 💙💛

The situation that happened in Ukraine at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant is the biggest man-made disaster in the world in recent decades. Entire cities went underwater. Not only homes were destroyed but also lives. Hundreds of animals died, and thousands of people were evacuated and left homeless. We are on the verge of an eco-catastrophe and we have no right to stand aside!

On our platform, that helps Ukrainians who suffer from war, we have created NFT lots that will become donations. All money raised from their sale goes to the needs of those, who were affected by the situation at the Kakhovskaya HPP, to the Community Foundation of Kherson “Zakhyst”.

We support the program “Save Together Kherson” and have transferred 100,000 UAH immediately.

I urge the crypto community to support and organize their initiatives!

We need to act fast! I believe that together we will win!” 

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