Assistance from RenewEurope

Sep 8, 2023

#RenewEurope repeats its promise: “We stand by your side until victory!” (quote from its Facebook page)

💛💙Our Foundation sometimes receives support from unexpected sources!

Deputes, assistants, and the secretariat of the RenewEurope political group in the European Parliament provided financial aid for the program “Save Together Kherson. Children”.

💞Thank you from 202 families of the liberated Kherson region, but ruthlessly shelled and flooded due to a terrorist act by Russian forces at the Kakhovska HPP!!

In these families, 333 children are being raised, including 29 infants (life goes on, and new children are born), 9 children with disabilities, and 20 large families.

Stay strong!

The whole world is with us!!!

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