First aid kits for civilians in Kherson

Dec 15, 2023

As always, we report to those who provided financial assistance for purchasing first-aid kits. Special thanks to the participants of the meeting of Kherson residents in Kyiv on the day of the liberation of Kherson from the occupiers.

Following fundraising efforts, The Community Foundation of Kherson “Zakhyst” purchased 126 medical kits (total expenses amounted to 118,503 UAH) with tourniquets and handed them over to the SAMPLE medical center. This center, in collaboration with the Kherson Regional Military Administration, implements the project “I Will Save”, led by its director, Tetiana Vyaznikova.

These medical kits contain everything necessary to stop critical bleeding and are received by motivated residents of the Kherson region who have acquired life-saving skills through a first aid course.

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