Assistance for a family affected by shelling

Jan 9, 2024

In October 2023, Olga’s family was returning home after a medical examination for little Myroslava. Their car was shelled by the russians, Myroslava’s grandfather was killed on the spot, Mrs. Olga sustained significant injuries, and the video of police officers transporting the child to the hospital went viral on all social media platforms.

The Community Foundation of Kherson “Zakhyst” has announced a fundraising campaign to support the family.

Today, our Foundation transferred 36,500 UAH to the account of Mrs. Olga, as contribution of caring people to the treatment of two-month-old baby Myroslava and her mother Olga, who were caught in shelling in Kherson.

They have been evacuated to a safer city.

The girl’s health condition has been stabilized by doctors, and she is accompanied by her grandmother. However, the situation is more severe for her mother,  Mrs. Olga, who is undergoing treatment. Not only has she lost one leg, but the other one, which was saved, is also being treated for burns

💛💙 Thanks to all of you who have shown your compassion and support, even during this weekend! 

We wish Olga a speedy recovery!

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