Cooperation with the USAID/ENGAGE program

Jan 12, 2024

We are grateful to our USAID/ENGAGE partners for covering our activities

  • In 2023, the implementation of the “Saving Together Kherson!” humanitarian program was intensified, initiated promptly upon the commencement of the full-scale invasion, with a primary focus on safeguarding vulnerable population segments and fostering community rehabilitation. The program garnered heightened significance in light of the tragic events at the Kakhovska Hydroelectric Power Plant. To address the aftermath of flooding, the Foundation, in collaboration with the Kherson Regional Military Administration, orchestrated a comprehensive fundraising and informational initiative, successfully securing support from international donor organizations, Ukrainian civil society entities, businesses, and individual benefactors. Esteemed ambassadors, such as the musical ensemble “Kalush”, popular artist and entertainer Potap (Oleksiy Potapenko), and television hosts Kateryna Osadcha and Maria Yefrosinina, actively participated in mobilizing financial resources. Consequently, the Foundation efficiently pooled and allocated funds, amounting to approximately USD 526,318, encompassing expenditures on life-saving and personal protective equipment, as well as humanitarian aid to inundated rural communities.
  • In parallel, the introduction of the E-platform “Hearing the Community of Kherson” unfolded, strategically designed to enhance communication channels with Kherson residents, facilitate reciprocal feedback, and actively involve them in civic affairs. This online repository disseminates up-to-date information on Kherson’s ongoing initiatives, avenues for resident assistance, and helped to provide 55 legal consultations on most burning issues to Kherson residents. Simultaneously, through the establishment of the Kherson Community’s Research Online Panel the Foundation has conducted 10 opinion surveys engaging 5,900 respondents. The outcomes of these surveys are submitted to both municipal and regional military administrations to make sure the voice of citizens is heard during strategic decision-making processes. 

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