May 20, 2023

As for the whole of Ukraine, the past year has become a year of great trials for the Foundation.
The Russian military aggression destroyed all our ideas, plans, and large-scale community development projects that we had embarked on at the beginning of 2022.

Ultimately, the war has brought into question the very existence of the Foundation. For the first time in our nearly twenty-year history, the dilemma arose: will the Kherson Community Foundation continue to exist or not?

We had to find answers to the questions, whether the Foundation was able to benefit the community during the war and occupation? Could we keep our team?

Will we be able to operate under conditions when the organizational structure is disrupted, when the occupants persecute all pro-Ukrainian citizens, especially members of the active civil society, and when the office, along with its material and technical equipment, is seized, and basic communication is absent in the city.

However, we could not afford to spend too much time thinking about it and sitting idly by. The Foundation had to respond immediately to the emerging urgent needs within the community. From the early days of the war, our organization initiated its own humanitarian program called “Save Together! Kherson”.

As long as it was possible, we provided assistance to Kherson hospitals by purchasing and delivering medicines and medical supplies, amounting to a total value of over 1.3 million UAH.
When the invaders seized medical institutions and blocked any “green corridors”, the main direction of our activity became providing remote financial assistance to Kherson families with children (primarily large families and families with children with disabilities). We covered with such support not only Kherson, but also other settlements of the Kherson region, both those that remain occupied and that have been liberated.

Thanks to numerous philanthropists, not only from Kherson but also from various parts of Ukraine and even abroad, business, partner organizations, and international donors, in 2022 we were able to provide financial assistance to nearly 1,600 Kherson families with children , totaling over 4.3 million UAH.

Striving to help as many Kherson residents as possible and attract additional financial resources for this purpose, the Foundation adopted new working methods and continued its organizational development.

We have developed a fundraising strategy for the organization that helps to operate in crisis conditions. We were the first among Kherson organizations to collaborate with the popular crowdfunding web platform Be Kind, and were featured on the online Good Deeds Map (as part of the charitable initiative GivingTuesday).

At the same time, the Kherson Community Foundation “Zakhyst” remained faithful to the core principles of its activity: transparency, accountability and publicity.
As a result, our organization received the highest rating of five stars in the national rating “Charity Compass of Ukraine”, confirming its integrity and effectiveness.
A reliable guarantee of the success of our work was the support and trust from Kherson residents, benefactors and partners. Without your assistance, we would have nothing to write in our annual report!

The Kherson Community Foundation “Zakhyst” entered 2023 with unwavering confidence in the Victory of Ukraine, fueled by the enthusiasm of the Kherson people and accompanied by new ambitious plans for community unity and post-war recovery. We remain committed to supporting those who are most in need.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!

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